1. Number of books in the Library 9150
2. Total Number of Educational Journals/Periodicals 245
3. Number of Encyclopedias 08
4. Number of Books available in the reference selection of the Library 2155
5. Seating capacity in the Library 70

Other Labourites

College also has well equipped language lab, Technology lab, Psychology lab, Science lab, Art & Craft room & Music room.

Computer Lab

The college has a well equipped computer lab. 100 computers with supportive accessories are provided in the lab.

  Technological aids available
1. Overhead Projector 01
2. T.V 01
3. V.C.R 01
4. Public Address System 01
5. L.C.D Projector 01

Rest Room

College has a well maintained rest room for girls. Rest room is a place where students can rest it in their leisure time or in the time of need.