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The lab is well equipped with all the scientific apparatus to apply the classroom theory in practical situation. It also has models, charts, graphs, pictures, etc to demonstrate, explain and reinforce scientific knowledge. The experiments are carried out by the teachers or the students themselves to explore and stimulate interest towards Science and Mathematics and social sciences.

A collaborative panel of both KKGI Group members, faculty and teacher students created a lab that would meet and exceed the needs of the institute as required by NCTE Norms. This combines the qualities of a materials centre, mini-library, and idea centre. It is designed for teacher students and faculty in the professional core courses in education, the specialized professional courses, student teaching, and the required activities related to student teaching. The curriculum laboratory is dedicated for Mathematics and Science subjects.

We ask that each teacher student sign in when they enter the lab, even if the visit is only for a brief period of time. By providing proof of the lab’s use and importance, we can continue to provide services and remain in operation. When in the lab, remember to check the bulletin board for current information on field-related lectures, classes, and general education information.



  1. Students may check out textbooks (Pre-Primary to Sr. Secondary) for fourteen (14) day periods/ children’s books may be checked out for seven (7) day periods.
  2. Kits and games may be used by students for class presentations (with approval of their professors).
  3. Professional books are loaned (on a limited basis) to faculty only.
  4. Equipment housed in the lab may be checked out by faculty. We ask that requests be made at least one day in advance (all other details may be worked out at that time).
  1. Faculty requiring use of the laboratory for a class lecture should consult the Professor In-charge about first come availability. All other uses are considered Orientation by the lab staff or Workshop (when a professor wishes for their class to use material or equipment within the confines of the facility
  2. The diverse material found here, support instruction in professional development and teacher education of undergraduate, graduate students of the College of Education. These are in both print and non-print format. Education Faculty uses the Laboratory which also houses the SMART Classroom facility, for teaching and demonstrations on electronic pedagogy to student teachers.

Both basic and supplementary educational material to support curriculum planning is housed here. These are

  1. Reference works such as children’s and general Encyclopaedias, general Indexes and dictionaries Sample textbooks, used in area school systems
  2. Children’s literature collections; fiction and non-fiction for grades Preprimary-12 as well as ethnic diverse literature and award winning titles
  3. Curriculum software packages such as games, puppet theatre, diversity and multi-disciplinary instructional materials
  4. Children’s periodicals and indexes to children’s literature

Special Services: Besides the SMART Classroom; the newly built up laboratory also provides a large work area for simulated classroom situations.

The Curriculum Lab also includes some of the following items

  1. Laminating machine
  2. Computers
  3. Word processing programs
  4. Power Point
  5. Excel
  6. Scanner
  7. Colour printer
  8. Wireless internet access
  9. Binding machine
  10. Butcher paper
  11. Construction paper
  12. Poster Boards
  13. Paper cutter
  14. Display Boards
  15. Multi-cultural material
  16. Children’s literature
  17. Education related reference section
  18. Current testing schedules
  19. Current info on department offerings
  20. Videos for in-lab viewing and check-out
  21. File folder games
  22. Peer projects on display
  23. Seasonal ideas on display
  24. Bulletin board ideas


Hours of Operation and Access

  1. The curriculum lab is open to use for all students, faculty, and staff during regular college hours.
  2. When a class is in session, we ask that you refrain from using the curriculum lab.
  3. The curriculum lab is also used for meetings and events. You can feel free to use the lab quietly during those times


  1. In order to check out books or materials you must fill out the sheet in the Curriculum Lab Sign-Out Book.
  2. You can check out books from the circulating collections for up to two weeks. Please limit the number of books you borrow and return them on time, being aware that others may need to use these materials.
  3. Hands-on Math and Science materials, Art Workshop materials, as well as some books are for in-lab use. Special requests to check out math and science manipulative and art materials are generally approved but are considered on a case-by-case basis after a request is submitted to the lab Incharge.
  4. The curriculum lab bulletin boards are available for departmental use. Please contact the curriculum lab assistant if you would like to display documentation of children’s work or showcase your own adult work