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ICT AND EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY LAB – The lab comprises as under

Educational Technology Laboratory is well equipped with latest equipments for facilitating Teaching-learning process and training purposes. There is a attached demonstration room which has got tables with demonstration place on its sides. These multi purpose tables are used for preparing visuals and for the display of Teaching Aids.

  1. Equipment’s are invariably used during Workshops,    Extension lectures, Conference, Presentation programmes etc  in the institute Hall, Conference room, and classrooms.
  2. Educational CD’s/Pen Drives are shown to the students.
  3. Students are given training in practicing Skills of Teaching through Micro Teaching.
  4. Teacher students are trained in handling various equipment’s available in the laboratory.
  5. Students are encouraged to prepare transparencies etc.
  6. Demonstrations are given for modelling concept.


The Audio-Visual Material in the Laboratory is as follows:

  1. Audio Visual Material/Items – Quantity available
  2. CDs – 50
  3. Video Cassettes – 14
  4. Slides – 20 sets
  5. Maps/ Charts – 103
  6. External Hard Disc – 03 pc
  7. Public Addressing Systems with CD/DVD/PD/HDD Playing facilities-02
  8. Large Size speakers -06
  9. Mikes with chords -05
  10. Chord less Mike- 02
  11. OHP-03
  12. Slide Projectors-02

SMART CLASSROOM is an advanced -technology implementation which provides rich multimedia material for the students’ learning using latest media presentations. It is equipped with multimedia components designed to enhance instruction and learning. These classrooms are also called digital on new classrooms. It is a new vision in education. The use of smart classroom can bring a huge change in education. It is very important to retain the quality in education

Digital Smarts Class Equipment comprises as under:-

Led Projectors -02

White wall mounting screen for projection-02

Laptops PC Dell-03

TVs Large Size-02


Computer Laboratory

Institution has a well-equipped Computer Laboratory, which caters to the needs of teacher students  and faculty. There are twenty five multimedia computers and other equipments like Printers, Scanners etc. in the Computer Laboratory. The Computer Laboratory is used for multifarious purposes. It is used for giving orientation about computers to the students for paper subject like ICT Integration in Pedagogy.

The laboratory is open for accessing internet by all the teachers and all the students of the institute.

The equipments of Computer Laboratory are:

1.     Dell/HCL PC Computers – 24

2.     HP Laser Printer with scanners and copiers  – 02

3.     Colured Printer -2


Networking of Computers

The college is sensitized towards computerization and has developed networking of computers in different locations.

Computer Laboratory is fully networked  for File and Printer Sharing and Internet Purposes

Principal’s Room, Educational Technology Laboratory, College Office, College Hall, College Library and Staff Room is also networked with Server in Computer Laboratory.

There is Broadband Internet Connection for the institute.