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Art & Craft Lab is a place for experiments with creativity. The aim of this lab is to encourage the students to bring forth their innovative power. SRSDC has a art & craft lab where various activities like waste material utilization, painting, toy making activities, wall hanging, pot decoration, flower arrangement candle making, chart & model making activities are promoted. By these activities our students i.e. Pupil teacher learn the art of preparing & using teaching aids which will help them to improve their teaching methods also. We teach them how to develop proper collage work, poster design and mainly thing that how to prepare any model useful for teaching learning out of waste or low cost materials

Fine art would have developed enough motivations and interest among them in the subject. Art education can provide most satisfying medium of creative expression which has to be given due importance the best interest of the society.


This lab comprises the following apparatus and raw materials:-


Apparatus/ Items (Quantity available)

  1. Water colours sets (10)
  2. Oil colour sets (10)
  3. Specular (10)
  4. Brush set (15)
  5. Canvas sets (10)
  6. Mount board (05)
  7. Clip (50)
  8. Dry pastel (10)
  9. Canvas board (05)
  10. Glue sets (20)
  11. Different materials(raw) pieces

Wood cutting tools

  1. Saws (06)
  2. Planners (04)
  3. Chisels (06)


Students can utilize all these for their creative works of arts and crafts.

  1. Different types of paper (Ivory, Pastel, Cantiz, Buff Cantiz, Poster, Handmade, Colour paper, Kite Making).
  2. Different types of colour and pencils (poster colour, fabric colour, water colour, pastel, oil colour, sparkle colour, charcoal, wood pencil).
  3. Modelling clay.
  4. Steel Clay Tools.
  5. Wood Clay Tools.
  6. Wood Carving Tools.
  7. Painting tools (Different types and sizes of brush, colour palettes).
  8. Easel & Board.
  9. Paper Cutting Tools (Cutter, Scissors, different sizes scale etc).
  10. Card Making Tools (Gum gun, colour papers, flowers, tapes, tape binder etc).
  11. Colour Sprayer.
  12. Block Printing Tools (blocks, colours, canvas etc).
  13. Different types of Cloths.
  14. Treats & Needles.
  15. Ingredients of Jutes and Woolen works.
  16. Painting & Sculptures.