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Psychological lab attempts at standardizing tools and designing theoretical frame from the traditional knowledge .The laboratory hosts a spectrum of facilities to assess cognition, physical ability and professional skills using computerized test. The laboratory has shown evidences to bring out the efficiency of cognitive abilities.

The Laboratory is well equipped with latest tests, tools, inventories and equipment’s for B.Ed. and D.El.Ed. curriculum requirements.


Sl. No. Name of the Equipment’s or Particulars Quantity
1 Memory drum Aptitude 1 pc
2 Mirror drawing Aptitude 1 pc
3 Human Maze learning Aptitude 1 pc
4 Card Sorting Troy 1 pc
5 MC Douglas Disc 1 pc
6 Tachistoscope 1 pc
7 Muller lyre illusion 1 pc
8 Group test of Intelligence 10 pc
9 Test of General Intelligence 10pc
10 Non verbal GR 12 pc
11 Performance Intelligence test 10 pc
12 Teaching Aptitude test 11 pc
13 Spatial perception ability test 10 pc
14 Passi test of creativity 10 pc
15 General class room achievement test 10 pc
16 Dimensional Personality inventory 10 pc
17 Thematic Apperception test 10 pc
18 Teacher attitude inventory 10 pc
19 Social motive scale 11 pc
20 Attitude Scale towards teaching profession 14 pc
21 Urgent Delivery charge(Freight charge) 10 pc