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Scope for D.El.Ed.


The Institute has trained many teachers who are spread across the state/country doing excellent jobs in the field of education as Nation Builders. In view of excellent staff and physical facilities, well equipped and fully automated library, provision for extracurricular activities, a rich tradition of rigorous curricular transaction, and above all research activities of the faculty is one of the best amongst D.El.Ed.(BTC) institutions

Career Opportunities

On completion of the Diploma in Elementary Education (DEl.Ed.) course, the opportunities lie in

Government schools

Private schools


Higher studies

All states require that teachers possess a diploma courses for elementary education in primary schools. Core educational courses generally focus on learning theories, research and assessment. However, your chosen degree concentration in the specific area of education that reflects your interest will define the major of your degree or diploma. Teachers may specialize in early childhood, elementary, secondary, vocational training or special education.